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About Us (Me)...

MSM Website Design started at my house in Edgewater MD in 2008 after a fishing trip to the OBX with my wife Nancy.

At the time I was employed by the Federal Government as an IT specialist, but I wanted to keep my tech skills sharp as I continued to move up in grade and became less hands on as an IT Program Manager. My wide and I took a trip to the OBX. I met up with a charter boat captain there who needed a website... and I said "hey I can build you one". So he became my fist customer, and things went from there.

I started with my new found charter boat captain, now friend, out of the OBX, a few of his fellow captains and  the church I was attending at the time.

One thing led to another and I had a multitude of clients in several years. And now here it is, 2023 and I still love helping small businesses, non-profits and anyone else who wants a custom built website and a close knit relationship with your Web Site provider. You're not just a number, you're a partner.  I look forward to creating new relationships and long lasting customers.

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